Who We Are?

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Noble Group is one of the Largest and most experienced Consumer Durable products OEM/ODM group in the country with huge production Capacity. The product category includes Washing Machines, Air Coolers, LED TV’s, EMS Manufacturing & Plastic injection Moulding.

We are a vertically integrated organization, with in house Designing capabilities, R&D, Tool Room, Plastic injection Moulding, Electronic manufacturing, CKD Assembly lines.

The range of washing machines varying from 6.0 kg to 10.0 kg capacity in both Semi & Fully automatic washing machines. The range of Air coolers varying from Personal to Desert air coolers.

We also share a Wide range of product portfolio including LED TV (24” to 65”), Home theatre, Air Coolers.

Core Competencies

Tool Room Molding Paint Shop

We are Best from Rest

As a self established manufacturing company we are expert in combination of electronics , plastics and tooling. And are well known among both Indian and MNCs for a flexible and quality delivery of wide range of products like Washing Machines, LED TV , Air Coolers, Moulded Parts & Electronics efficiently. We are the active manufacturers of Complete B&W TV and CTV since 1994. We also have well established chains in Haryana, Noida and Haridwar with fine molding capacity.